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 Rouges Gallerie

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Neo Bahamut
Unyielding Force of Thoroughbred Penis
Unyielding Force of Thoroughbred Penis
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PostSubject: Rouges Gallerie   Rouges Gallerie EmptyWed May 28, 2014 2:19 am

A compilation of the not-so-epic foes that have matched inconsiderable wits with our sociopaths.

Name: The Candle
Rank: *
Description: A knight with a red cape who wears a large candle on his head.
Type: Fire Elemental
Abilities: The Candle boasted "all the powers of a candle." He was completely made of wax, which he had complete control of. Unfortunately, no matter what he created, it was still just wax. He was considered a fire elemental because he could create & manipulate small flames, which according to Seraph, "kinda hurt."
Weakness: Aside from everything, being made of wax, he could only maintain his shape via a wire frame inside of his body. Without a form, his body would disperse, along with his powers & mind.
Notes: Obtained his powers because he was bitten by a radioactive candle.

Name: The Pebble
Rank: ***
Description: What seems like a dark-skinned, bald man with dark eyes in a brown cloak is actually a man assembled entirely of pebbles, wearing a brown cloak.
Type: Earth Elemental
Abilities: The Pebble can control any pebble. Rocks that are too large or too small, he cannot control.
Weakness: Unlike The Candle, there is actually some challenge to destroying him. He must be either combined together into a rock or have his pebbles demolished.

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Rouges Gallerie
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