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 Twilight of the Gods

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Neo Bahamut
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Unyielding Force of Thoroughbred Penis
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Twilight of the Gods - Page 44 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Twilight of the Gods   Twilight of the Gods - Page 44 EmptySun Aug 12, 2012 2:48 am

"...And after Chesed restored John's FullBring, he hugged Noctis, before awkwardly backing off. Astarte confirmed a few days later that the Arrancar traitors had been executed, & Hueco Mundo had been restored."

*Lilith stands within a darkened auditorium chamber. 46 chairmen sit behind screens that block their faces.*

<And what about the Substitute Badges?>

"Even after learning of their true nature, the humans accepted them without issue. Of course, you already know that the Arrancar will have none of it."

<...And Binah Psyche escaped, and the Hollow King agreed to future "diplomatic meetings" with you. This all worked out...well.>

"Is there a problem?"

*The figures all look towards each other from behind their covers, before looking back.*

<...That depends. Have you confirmed that there are no surviving remnants of Aamon Avici's research, aside from the Hollow Hybrids?>

"Yes. I ordered the human Chesed to give me her tool, & deleted the records myself."

<Then no. You are dismissed, Captain Psyche.>

Twilight of the Gods - Page 44 Celia_and_lede_by_zzfoxzz-d5mbth6
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Twilight of the Gods
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